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burgosVisit Beautiful Burgos Spain and chose from the many accommodations available at Burgos Hotels. Read the Burgos Hotel guide below to find the right room for your needs whether that be luxury accommodations, convenience, or value lodging.

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Staying in Spain: The Burgos Hotels

If you are travelling to Spain, it really pays to visit the fabulous Northern Province of Burgos. The province is the chief site occupied by the large autonomous community known as Castile and León. This large community was officially recognised by the Spanish government as one of seventeen independent communities in Spain and the Burgos province which constitutes the mainstay of the community is steeped in history.

Burgos has been occupied by human settlers for almost 810,000 years, though the past 2000 have been particularly eventful. The Romans understood the geographical importance of the Burgos area for their trade and transport needs, using the Arlanzon River to full effect. During the Middle Ages, Burgos served as an important stop for pilgrims en route between Rome and Santiago de Compostela. Now it is a bustling city which maintains the gothic cathedrals which are dotted around the place as part of some sort of a living history.

With so much history at your fingertips, it is difficult to deny the interest of the area, not to mention the mild climate which boasts warm summers and cool winters. So, if you’re going, it would be a great idea to find out where to stay and what you can expect! Below is some advice on which of the Burgos hotels you should check out before leaving!

One of the most popular hotels in the city of Burgos, the capital of the region, is the Palacio de la Merced. This luxurious hotel boasts competitive rates which may be a little over-budget for some travellers but its location is probably enough to warrant the slightly inflated rates. Centrally positioned in the city, the Palacio sports a memorable gothic appearance, a choice of 110 rooms and excellent room service. The Palacio also has its own award-winning restaurant on premises and offers guests access to the hotel’s state of the art fitness suite. The Palacio truly is a gem among the Burgos hotels, offering a great location, comfort, specialist cuisine and friendly service; things that any weary pilgrim would be glad of after a long flight.

A much smaller hotel in the heart of the old part of Burgos is the AC Burgos. This Burgos hotel offers only 70 rooms, though that is still a great amount to choose from and it also has its own restaurant on site. The restaurant offers 24-hour room service and this has received a great deal of praise from guests in the hotel. The location is not so central, nor is the décor and general feel of the hotel as luxurious as that of the Palacios, but then the AC is some £40/$80 cheaper per night, per person sharing. This is another popular place to stay among a huge list of Burgos hotels.

Other Burgos hotels include the Tryp Fernan Gonzalez which is located near the centre of town and offers the guests accommodation for their pets, a restaurant and a fitness centre. Another Burgos hotel is the cheaper Rey Arturo hotel which offers little besides a bed and a mini bar in the rooms, though this may be worth checking out if you are working on a tight budget.

So, there you have it, the province and city of Burgos, Spain and a selection of successful and popular Burgos hotels


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